Spring/Summer Launch Event

The Brief

Raw Pictures from the Build

Show Time at the Spring/Summer Launch Event

The Honeycomb Dome

On approaching The Calyx, guests were greeted by a truly iconic, modern and custom made GOLD deconstructed ‘Bee Hive’ installation that shined and reflected within The Botanic Gardens. An Instagram swing was installed (see below) within the structure and this innovative product display was covered in a cascading and modern yellow floral. Guests had the opportunity to interact with the swing, walk through and around this structure, and create social media moments that reflect the brand messaging; taking full advantage of the scale of the space and natural surroundings.

The Pandora Sign

An over-sized three dimensional Pandora sign was fabricated to sit within ‘The Glasshouse’ offering guests the opportunity to interact with the sign and create original and iconic content for Social Media amongst the dynamic and truly iconic installation and backdrop. Pandora letters were fabricated from MDF that were then sealed with automotive paint and had a mirror gold face installed on the front.

The Media Wall

A custom designed and built media wall was fabricated for the PR event to sit within The Island and balloon installation. The wall was fabricated from MDF and sealed in automotive paint with a three dimensional ‘Pandora logo as well as a custom built stand that matched the curve of the island to hold it up.

The “Instagram Swing”